Gaby Kaufmann

Gaby Kaufmann was born in Bern in 1968, where she grew up. She is married with three children. Her children were interested in board games from a very young age and playing games has become an important part of family life.

Gaby Kaufmann worked for four years in West Africa as a biology lab assistant. She then took part in several assignments for the Swiss disaster relief corps and the WHO (World Health Organisation) in various African countries. She has also worked in microbiological diagnosis and research at the university hospital in Bern.

She is currently working on the development of projects in the field of tourism. Some examples of her previous projects are: a comics adventure trail in Langnau, a detective course in the Affoltern show dairy and cheese cellar tours with cheese game tournaments in Langnau.

Since 2008 she has worked in the Langnau Ludothek. She is responsible for lending games, managing games events and purchasing games. She and her children enjoy testing which games they should buy. Gaby Kaufmann took over the running of the Ludothek in 2014.


Obere Beichlenstraße 28, CH-3550 Langnau im Emmental


+41 (0) 34 402 87 78