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Spiel des Jahres

Colt Express

2 to 6 players 10 years +

We are bandits in the Wild West, robbing a three-dimensional train on a daring journey over switching points, bridges and through tunnels. Revolvers smoke and fists fly as we race from carriage to carriage, robbing the passengers and beating our... mehr
Kinderspiel des Jahres


2 to 4 players 6 years +

Speedy ants flit over the forest floor. But above them lurk three fat spiders in their web. This is shown on a second game map, hovering over the forest floor. Magnets mean that when two spiders move, the third can abseil down to the forest floor on... mehr
Kennerspiel des Jahres

Broom Service

2 to 5 players 10 years +

Ding dong, your elixir is here! Anyone who’s anyone in the world of wizardry lets speedy witches or bearded druids deliver freshly-brewed potions straight to their door. The players assume the role of one of these flying delivery services on the... mehr
Nominierungsliste Spiel des Jahres

Machi Koro

2 to 4 players 8 years +

Our little town is ready to grow. Where at first only wheat fields and the village bakery slept the day away, soon the urban sprawl will give rise to shops, factories and cafés. Each player is the new mayor of one such mini-metropolis and wants to... mehr

The Game

1 to 5 players 8 years +

The objective of “The Game” soon becomes clear: players co-operate to correctly discard all the cards which have values of between 2 and 99. On two of the piles the cards have to be played in ascending order, on the other two in descending order. On... mehr
Nominierungsliste Kinderspiel des Jahres

Push a Monster

2 to 4 players 5 years +

All sorts of monsters have come together in an arena. Space is quickly running out for the creatures and so each one has to work hard to defend their own rightful place. Players roll monster symbols and try as accurately as possible to push the... mehr


2 to 4 players 5 years +

Stealing and stacking treasure – that’s what “Schatz-Rabatz” is all about. When the timer starts, players have to snatch precious items from the middle of the table and stack them in their treasure chests until they’re full to the brim. If the lid... mehr
Nominierungsliste Kennerspiel des Jahres


2 to 4 players 14 years +

Welcome to mythic Greece. As demigods, the players try to collect allies of different families of gods over five epochs and transfer them to their Elysium. To gain a card from the centre of the board and then use its power, players must have an... mehr


2 to 4 players 12 years +

Orléans in the middle ages. Merchants strive for fame and fortune in the Loire Valley. At their side are an illustrious carousel of a wide range of professions. Knights, craftsmen, sailors, monks, farmers and scholars are hired over the course of... mehr
Empfehlungsliste Spiel des Jahres


2 to 4 players 8 years +

Cacao is called the “fruit of the gods” because it was considered by the Aztecs to be so valuable they were even paid in cocoa beans. In “Cacao,” players settle an unexplored jungle with their tribe. They create plantations, sell their harvests, dig... mehr

Loony Quest

2 to 5 players 8 years +

With its bright colours, crazy landscapes and cartoony characters, “Loony Quest” resembles a video game – just without the electronics. Players can now follow in the footsteps of Mario and Sonic! Armed with a pen and clear plastic, players have to... mehr


2 players 8 years +

It’s all coming together: In “Patchwork,” two players create a quilt out of fabric off-cuts, patches and buttons – all through the technique suggested by the title. Is it art? Of course. But the main task of these tailors is to fill the play area... mehr

Simsala… Bumm?

2 to 5 players 8 years +

It’s the final wizard studies exam: you’ll need to summon a dragon, conjure up spirits or impress the competition with storms and fireballs – the necessary repertory in “Abraca...what?” is made up of eight magic spells. But which one is next? Each... mehr


2 to 4 players 10 years +

The King wants revenue. In order to provide it, the players in the card game “Ugo!” have to take the right tricks in the right order. There are five suits, each with the numbers zero to eight. Each player begins the round with ten cards in hand. If... mehr


3 to 10 players 8 years +

There are werewolves in the village. But whose face are they hiding behind? The objective of the communication-based bluffing and party game “One Night Ultimate Werewolf” is to find out. At the beginning of the game each player is secretly assigned... mehr
Empfehlungsliste Kinderspiel des Jahres

Chef Alfredo

2 to 4 players 5 years +

Chef Alfredo is a talented chef but unfortunately he’s also very messy. He’s always mixing up the pots on his stove which contain carrot, tomato, bean or garlic soup. Players have to remember where each ingredient belongs. A die shows whether... mehr

Der verdrehte Sprachzoo

2 to 4 players 4 years +

Here’s a wild tale! A crafty monkey has escaped from the zoo. Before it can re-open, players have to work together to get the monkey back into its tree. To do this, players reveal two chips and then have to make up a story based on the pictures... mehr


2 to 4 players 6 years +

Hot dogs and ice cream, toilets and rubbish bins. That all smells delicious – if you’re a fly. In this humorous race game, the track is studded with all sorts of tasty treats and at the very end is a nice brown pile of, erm… mouse droppings. It’s a... mehr

Fröschlein aufgepasst!

2 to 4 players 4 years +

Don’t be a frog! It’s a dangerous life. There’s always one hopping around the swamp. That’s where two to four hungry storks are waiting, on the lookout for a slippery meal. The die shows players whether they can rush towards their prey, whether the... mehr


2 to 5 players 4 years +

Buzz, buzz, buzz – bees are buzzing around! The insects work hard to gather honey then disappear into their hives. But which bees are hiding where? When will the bear appear to swipe the golden nectar? Six different coloured bees are covered with... mehr

Joe’s Zoo

2 to 5 players 4 years +

Is the tiger hiding with the anteaters? Or the zebra with the flamingos? Things have got all mixed up at Joe’s zoo. Maybe the players can sort them out. There are ten animal cards on the table. Joe moves through them according to the roll of the die... mehr

Schau mal! Was ist anders?

2 to 6 players 4 years +

Was the dolphin jumping out of the water or into it? Was the traffic light red or green? Wasn’t the snowman wearing sunglasses? Was it a long or short pencil? 32 playing cards show an almost identical symbol on each side. Depending on the number of... mehr
Empfehlungsliste Kennerspiel des Jahres

Arler Erde

1 to 2 players 14 years +

Did you know, Arle is a village in East Friesland, north-west Germany. It is here that both players attempt to run their own farm over nine half-years, between summer and winter. Players cut peat, rear cows and sheep, build dykes, harvest crops but... mehr

Auf den Spuren von Marco Polo

2 to 4 players 12 years +

Starting in Venice, players retrace “The Voyages of Marco Polo.” The shrewd navigators travel towards the east by camel, establish trading posts, gain goods and privileges, fulfil assignments and pursue their own personal goals. To control the... mehr


2 to 4 players 14 years +

Ancient Rome is the backdrop for the civilisation game “Deus,” which crowns players as leaders of an emerging empire. Cities grow with various buildings, resources are mined and legions march through the land to surround barbarian villages. Players... mehr