Tina Kraft

Tina Kraft, born in 1951, is married with a son and two grandchildren. In 1976 she moved from Siegerland to the town of Marl in the Ruhr. A graduate in social pedagogy, she works with children and young people in various institutions. Organising the annual Marl gaming week on behalf of the youth welfare service (event motto: “gaming connects”), she discovered her love of board games. Spurred on by the success of this event, she founded a games library for the town of Marl in 1990, which she ran until September 2016. To support this, she founded the society “Marl spielt” which allows her as an active member to support various gaming events and activities.

She plays regularly, not only with both of her grandchildren but also at kindergarten and during afternoon sessions at a primary school. She defends her right to play with the blue playing pieces at games evenings, at the games library and in private gaming groups. Tina Kraft regularly writes games reviews for the daily newspapers of the Bauer publishing house, in Spielerei and in the magazine Caravaning.

Member of the advisory council 2005-2008. Member of the jury since 2009.


Creiler Platz 1, D-45765 Marl


+49 (0) 2365-994204