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Kinderspiel des Jahres

Tal der Wikinger

2 to 4 players 6 years +

When the barrels start rolling in the village of the Norsemen, all the Vikings want to be involved, big and small. Outside the village the longboats are ready for the booty to be loaded on board. In the middle of the village the barrels are waiting... mehr
Nominierungsliste Spiel des Jahres

Just One

3 to 7 players 8 years +

“Box”, “dice”, “play”, “fun”. What could these words possibly be describing? Easy: a board game! In the co-operative game Just One, one player has to guess a word. The clues aren’t provided by the game but by the rest of the players. Without... mehr


2 to 6 players 8 years +

Everyone likes llamas! In the speedy card game Lama, the llama isn’t just the mascot for the game but also provides the German acronym “Lege alle Minuspunkte ab” (something like “Leave All your Minus points Aside”). Behind this slogan lies a simple... mehr


4 to 10 players 10 years +

What’s the secret word that will allow the villagers to chase away the werewolves from their village? The mayor knows it. Everyone else has to ask him yes or no questions: “Can you eat it?” or “Can you buy it?” Players only have a few minutes to... mehr
Nominierungsliste Kinderspiel des Jahres


2 to 5 players 6 years +

Welcome to Fabulantica, the land of fairytales, where Puss in Boots, sorcerers’ apprentices, witches and djinns will say hello. Players have come to this magical realm for a family reunion. Your mission: search for the characters depicted on the... mehr

Go Gecko Go!

2 to 4 players 6 years +

So near and yet so far! Gecko, Frog, Turtle and Crocodile are getting ready for an exciting race along the river. Which group of friends will surf to victory over the leaves and be the first to land on the tree trunk steps? Bold tactics and... mehr
Nominierungsliste Kennerspiel des Jahres

Carpe Diem

2 to 4 players 12 years +

We are developing city districts in ancient Rome, creating farmed landscapes and buildings which produce wares or enable other advancements. How you organise your own buildings on your own district map is determined by your own individual... mehr


1 to 5 players 16 years +

A golden watch, looted in Poland during the Second World War, appears over 70 years later in an American auction house. The players, as detectives from the newly-founded Antares Investigation Agency, have to work together to find out how this has... mehr


2 to 5 players 10 years +

Over 900 species of birds are native to North America and just under a fifth of these take flight in designer Elizabeth Hargrave’s optimisation game Wingspan; from the red-bellied woodpecker to the purple gallinule. Attracting a bird to your aviary... mehr
Empfehlungsliste Spiel des Jahres


3 to 7 players 9 years +

Art on the production line: in the co-operative association game Belratti, players have to send their artworks to one exhibition after another. But don’t be scared! You don’t have to paint anything yourself. Each player has a hand of completed... mehr


1 to 4 players 8 years +

Presumably “Dizzle” is a new portmanteau word from the words “dice” and “puzzle”. There’s no real evidence to suggest that is the case but it does a good job of describing this game in two… sorry… in one word. It’s a puzzle using dice – on score... mehr

Imhotep – Das Duell

2 players 10 years +

In ancient Egypt Queen Nefertiti and King Akhenaten are competing for building resources to build their monuments. They place workers in the nine spaces of the harbour grid in order to get new wares. As soon as at least two figures are present in a... mehr

Krasse Kacke

3 to 6 players 8 years +

The name of this game ("Who did it"?) and the cute animal illustrations are definitely aimed at children. But Who Did It? can be fun for grown-ups too, especially grown-ups who are still children at heart. Which means us. We have to free our own... mehr


2 to 4 players 8 years +

In the tactical tile-laying game Reef, players are creating colourful coral reefs by stacking playing pieces onto their tableau. How the reef grows is determined by cards with a double function: playing a card means you can first place new coral... mehr


1 to 8 players 12 years +

Who will join with the English master detective Sherlock Holmes? In the first three cases of the card game series Sherlock, players have to solve a murder together. After a brief introduction, the detectives receive only partial backgrounds and... mehr
Empfehlungsliste Kinderspiel des Jahres


2 to 4 players 4 years +

It’s anarchy on animal farm – Farmer Fridolin and guard dog Lilli are having difficulties keeping the cheeky piglet and the rest of its animal friends under control. With a little bit of luck from cards and dice, children can work together to help... mehr

Concept Kids - Tiere

2 to 12 players 4 years +

Moo – Meow – Baa! Cow – Cat – Sheep! It’s easy to recognise animals from the kind of noise they make. But what if you had to guess an animal just from its different characteristics – whether it’s big or small, where it lives and what it eats? In “... mehr

Magic Maze Kids

2 to 4 players 5 years +

A kingdom for a frog! Literally: His Majesty has been turned into a frog and all he can do is sit and croak and ask you for help. So the Prince, Princess, Magician and Knight have to make their way into the forest to find ingredients for the witch’s... mehr

Monster Match

2 to 6 players 6 years +

Eek! Ravenous monsters are invading Donut City. They are looking for sweet treats to feed their enormous appetites. Ten different creatures lie face-up on the table – one is staring at you with five eyeballs, another waving with four arms or... mehr


2 to 8 players 7 years +

Help, the monsters are loose! 54 unique creatures are bustling around the centre of table. Some monsters are yellow, others are red, some have six eyes, others have sharp teeth and horns. There are 12 such characteristics which define this wild... mehr


2 to 4 players 3 years +

Be careful, little fishes! If you get too close to the octopus you’ll be in deep trouble. The angry kraken will spray its ink and turn the sea into a murky soup. Then only the skilful fishermen will be able to save you. Two children will carefully... mehr

Voll verwackelt

2 to 4 players 6 years +

If you want to harvest the tasty coconuts, you’ll need to climb up high – a very shaky business. Nevertheless, the lion, giraffe, elephant and zebra will give it a try. They’ll attempt to scramble up a palm tree, which is also standing on a shaky... mehr
Empfehlungsliste Kennerspiel des Jahres

Architekten des Westfrankenreichs

1 to 5 players 12 years +

Who would have thought it? Teamwork really does make the dream work. In this case the dream of constructing landmarks and impressing the king. In the worker placement game Architects of the West Kingdom, players’ actions are stronger the more... mehr

Das tiefe Land

2 to 4 players 12 years +

The farmlands on the North Sea coast are supposed to be protected by a dike. But will it be tall enough? It all depends on the unpredictability of nature and on the team spirit of the farmers there. In the strategy game Lowlands, players have to... mehr


1 to 4 players 14 years +

In the footsteps of the great inventor, players in Newton take on the guise of ambitious scientists. They take research trips, complete courses of study and create their own libraries. A clever card mechanics means that each action is made stronger... mehr

Paper Tales

2 to 5 players 10 years +

In the tactical card game Paper Tales, players construct kingdoms whose subjects will age and, as a rule, only survive two of the four total rounds. Is that not a bit merciless? No, it results in a dynamic and changing game that will take several... mehr