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Spiel des Jahres


2 to 4 players 8 years +

In the tactical tile-laying game Azul, the Portuguese King Manuel I commissions craftsmen to decorate the walls of his palace with beautiful mosaics. They can’t just use any old tiles: they need the so-called ‘Azulejos’. Beneath the simple action of... mehr
Kinderspiel des Jahres


2 to 4 players 5 years +

The dragon children have stumbled across a hoard of brightly-coloured sparkling jewels. But these are frozen solid in a thick column of ice. Luckily, Dragon Dad has come along and can use his fiery breath to melt the ice so that the children can... mehr
Kennerspiel des Jahres

Die Quacksalber von Quedlinburg

2 to 4 players 10 years +

Mandrake root, ghost breath and toadstool. As quack doctors, players brew up new potions out of all sorts of unusual ingredients. These potions aren’t prepared according to some strict recipe but rather through pure chance: each player gradually... mehr
Nominierungsliste Spiel des Jahres


2 to 4 players 8 years +

In the race and collection game Luxor, players enter an ancient Egyptian temple with their team of adventurers and make their way along its corridors to the tomb of the Pharaoh. The route to the centre is already lined with valuable vases, statues,... mehr

The Mind

2 to 4 players 8 years +

“The Mind” is a co-operative card game with an almost banal concept. Over various levels, players all have to play number cards from their hand, in ascending order. The twist: not a single word may be spoken about your own cards. There are no... mehr
Nominierungsliste Kinderspiel des Jahres


2 to 14 players 7 years +

The boxing kangaroo is on the ropes, exhausted. The scarecrow is annoyed by the twittering around him. The iron really has to let off steam. And the polar bear is merrily trying on his new ice stakes. So many emotions, so many moods and even more... mehr

Panic Mansion

2 to 4 players 6 years +

Our adventurers find valuable treasure chests in an old mansion. Suddenly the house begins to shake and spooky ghosts, snakes and spiders begin to appear. If the explorers manage to get to one of the many rooms with the chests, then the haunting... mehr
Nominierungsliste Kennerspiel des Jahres

Ganz schön clever

1 to 4 players 10 years +

Players are on the hunt for points in the dice game Ganz schön clever. The more effectively players can use the results of three out of six dice on their score sheet, the more chain reactions they start. The colour of the dice being scored dictates... mehr

Heaven & Ale

2 to 4 players 12 years +

The peaceful idyll of a monastery garden? No way! “Heaven & Ale” is hard work. Players are trying to brew beer – preferably as much as possible and as high quality as possible. To get the necessary resources, players have to place resource and... mehr

Pandemic Legacy – Season 2

2 to 4 players 14 years +

The co-operative “Pandemic Legacy – Season 2” continues the story of the fantastic Season 1 in just the same quality. 71 years after the apocalyptic plague outbreak, from sea-going havens we provide supplies to the last survivors on dry land. But... mehr
Empfehlungsliste Spiel des Jahres

5-Minute Dungeon

2 to 5 players 8 years +

An impromptu dodgeball tournament or a shark with sexy legs. There are some quite strange dangers awaiting players in this dungeon. But there’s no time to question these obstacles. With just five minutes per level, the group must battle through a... mehr


3 to 7 players 10 years +

People have faces. Animals have faces. And sometimes – at least in our imaginations – even everyday objects have faces. The phenomenon of recognising faces in things and patterns is called pareidolia. A quirk from which “Facecards” has made a fun... mehr


2 to 4 players 10 years +

It’s nice when you can get others to do the work for you. Just like the regents in the tactical card game Majesty, who recruit people from a quickly changing display to earn money for them. If your opponents are hiring soldiers then it’s a good idea... mehr


2 to 4 players 8 years +

Ahoy there! When Captain Goldfish takes his treasure chest from its hiding place, the volcano in the centre of the island begins to spit lava. Quick: back to the ship! But where is it? In the memory game Memoarrr!, players can find the correct route... mehr


2 players 8 years +

The Greek island of Santorini is known for its white houses with blue roofs. And the tactical game of the same name tries to recreate this holiday paradise. And it’s a real eye-catcher! The game board is a cliff on which buildings grow gradually,... mehr


2 to 4 players 10 years +

Little Red Riding Hood is on her way to visit Grandmother and must avoid the wolf. Robin Hood wants to get one over on the Sheriff of Nottingham, King Arthur wants to reach the round table and Dracula is wreaking havoc in Transylvania. In the tile-... mehr
Empfehlungsliste Kinderspiel des Jahres

Die Legende des Wendigo

2 to 6 players 6 years +

It can be terrifying sitting around the campfire late at night telling scary stories. 32 scouts have come together, fat and thin, boys and girls, with a hat or a cap. They all look very different and somehow very similar. What they don’t know: the... mehr

Dino World

2 to 4 players 6 years +

Eat or be eaten? That’s the big question in this small but perfectly-formed prehistoric adventure. The plump velociraptor has only just pounced hungrily on the delicate archaeopteryx, when he in turn is caught by the voluminous dilophosaurus. But it... mehr

Rhino Hero Super Battle

2 to 4 players 6 years +

The heroic rhinoceros Rhino Hero is competing with his animal friends to climb a turbulent skyscraper, which is about as sturdy as a house of cards. This is built together by all the players out of various walls and floors. Each storey determines... mehr

SOS Dino

1 to 4 players 7 years +

Panic in the land of the dinosaurs: all four volcanoes are erupting at once and lava is coursing their way. The mini-saurs Marie, Freddy, Nessie and Louis must flee quickly into the mountains and save a few dino-eggs on the way. Luck and reasoning... mehr

Speed Colors

2 to 5 players 5 years +

Remember, paint, score. Game components: six coloured felt-tip pens with cleaning sponge and 55 picture cards. Players must colour in black-and-white images on wipe-clean cards. These should be in the exact colours of the picture on the reverse of... mehr
Empfehlungsliste Kennerspiel des Jahres


2 to 4 players 12 years +

We all know the type: the one clumsy oaf in the action movie who just at the wrong moment runs into something with a huge noise and attracts the monster’s attention. In Clank!, the players are all such clumsy oafs. They venture down into the maze-... mehr


2 to 4 players 10 years +

Starting on the east coast, players are trying to settle North America. To do this, they will build a road network, one that other players may use too – for a small fee of course. On your turn you move the shared stagecoach to an unoccupied... mehr