In a well-known little suburb on the edges of the city of Munich, the regular tabletop gaming meet-up is once again opening its doors. The first players step through the church’s copper doorway and start to make tracks to the game cupboard, to arm themselves with a game for the first round of the evening. I’ve brought along a few new games I’d... Lesen Sie mehr
The past and present situation “Yeeeeeees!” – Alexander Pfister lifts his arms in triumph. His game BROOM SERVICE has just won the “Kennerspiel des Jahres” award. Pfister’s co-designer Andreas Pelikan has also jumped to his feet and has started to applaud. Together with the product manager of Ravensburger, Thomas Zumbühl, they form a three-man... Lesen Sie mehr
As a member of the “Kinderspiel des Jahres” jury, I try out board games so that I can select the best of the yearly flood of new releases to recommend to children, their families, teachers or just anyone who plays board games with children. And of course I try out these games so that I can give my personal opinion as to which one of the jury’s... Lesen Sie mehr

Game Tip

Pandemic Legacy – Season 2

Sonderpreis 2018

For 2-4 players ages 14 and up.
Difficulty: anspruchsvoll